By The Numbers

The MAZDASPEED Miata MX-5s (all derivatives) were primarily produced in the Mazda Ujina No. 1 Plant in Hiroshima, Japan. (Click here for Production pics).


They are relatively rare cars with a Worldwide production of just over 6,600 during the two model years.


A partial reason these figures are so low is due to a fire in the production facility in late 2004 resulting in aborting the planned production. (Click here to see more)

Canadian Production Numbers - Total  353 units


2004 Model Year:

Velocity Red Mica               300

2005 Model Year:

Titanium Grey Metallic          78

                                 Total   378 units




U.S.A. Production Numbers - Total  5,428 units ***


2004 Model Year 

​Velocity Red Mica             1,781

​Titanium Grey Metallic      2,219

​                              Total    4,000 units 

2005 Model Year:

​Lava Orange Mica               395

​Velocity Red Mica                255 

​Black Mica                           413

​Titanium Grey Metallic         365

​                              Total    1,428 units

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As mentioned elsewhere I have approached Mazda Canada to obtain a list of VINs of only Canadian MSMs comparable to friends’ lists south of the border (see Links section). However, Mazda Canada cannot provide this VIN list as it is against the more stringent Canadian Privacy Laws which consider a VIN to be part of customer's personal information. Therefore we have built and confirmed our list over time and hope to acquire information on all 353 Canadian vehicles.

See All About the VIN

Here is a snapshot of currently known MSMs in Canada. This figure includes what I like to call the CanAm cars, which are cars initially sold in the USA but currently reside in Canada. This chart will be periodically updated as new information is received.

Totals as of Jan. 1, 2022
Breakdown by Province
2021 Stats Can - July.jpg
Provincal Dist. July 2021.jpg

As you can see we still have a way to go, so if you spot an MSM out there get the info and forward to us or have the owner contact us directly.

A just a little more info about numbers OUTSIDE North America. All Right-Hand drive cars (all branded MSMs were exclusively Left-Hand drive cars) were produced for sale either in Japan or Australia, here are their production numbers.

Japanese Production Numbers (Roadster Turbo) - Total 300 Units

2004/5 Model Years: 

Velocity Red Mica             118 units 

Pure White                          91 units

Sunlight Silver                     74 units

Grace Green Mica              17 units

                               Total   300 units 


Australian Production Numbers (MX-5 SE) - Total 492 Units

2004 Model Year:              455 units

2005 Model Year:                37 units

                               Total   492 units  


Colour Breakdown:

Sunlight Silver                  133 units 

Velocity Red Mica            200 units 

Black Mica (2005 only)      13 units

Titanium Grey Metallic     146 units

                               Total  492 units 

New Zealand Production Numbers - Total 15 Units

Sunlight Silver                       5 units 

Velocity Red Mica                 7 units 

Titanium Grey Metallic          3 units 

                               Total     15 units



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