Mazdaspeed MX-5 Miata Values

March 2021

The chart below is comprised of total average national sales of MSMs during the year indicated. These averages were tabulated using actual sales figures provided by Buyers/Sellers of vehicles sold in Canada during the year indicated. They do not in any way represent ALL sales of MSMs during a particular year. Sales Values naturally are affected by many factors such as condition, mileage and geographical location. 

One thing noticeable is the values have fluctuated very little over the previous four years and there are still some good deals to be made. There was one car in Calgary that sold for $4 K and another in Ontario at $5 K in 2019. Great stuff but both transactions had unique stories.


However, in 2020, the prices of the MSMs exploded upward and are creeping closer to the $20K mark for those ultra low miles cars. We had our first $20K sale in 2020 for just such a car.


Of the cars in the registry it appears most owners, being enthusiasts have taken excellent care of their MSM which should help stabilize values for the future even though the cars are getting older. Surprisingly, there are still quite a few cars out there with very low mileage (under 50,000 Km) AND a number of Original Owners still enjoying their MSM.

Average mileage in Kilometres on the sold vehicles for the past few years is as follows:

2014 - 65,000 Km

2015 - 76,000 Km

2016 - 82,000 Km

2017 - 88,000 Km

2018 - 59,000 Km

2019 - 86,000 Km 

2020 - 59,000 Km 


Values in the USA are more difficult to track so I also took the past sales on Bring A Trailer and Cars & Bids for MSMs to compare the US and Canadian markets. Based on this data only, it appears the values of the clean low mileage examples of the US MSM are definitely on the rise.

Here is a snapshot of MSM Sales on Bring A Trailer, and Cars & Bids two on-line auction houses based in the USA, provided without prejudice.

Remember these are in U.S. dollars!

Cars & Bids
Bring A Trailer