Registry Discoveries

Jan  2019

Registry Discoveries - aka Did you Know?

In compiling this registry I have been exposed to some interesting details, particularly with Canadian cars, that haven't be known before. Some fall into the quirky category while others are just fun facts. Please keep in mind however, there is absolutely no guarantee that any description as illustrated in this registry is totally accurate or correct as the majority of the information has been supplied by enthusiasts and owners hopefully all with the best of intentions.



General Discoveries

  • NONE of the Canadian cars are listed on the US build list BUT all VINS fall within that range of numbers.

  • Obviously Canadian build numbers are NOT shared with USA build numbers however we do not have that information.

  • The production of Canadian MSMs started before the US production

  • Most Canadian cars were built in large batches but there are some single units spread out.

  • CanAm cars (cars imported to Canada from the USA) represent over 20% of the known MSMs in the country.

  • The majority of Canadian models currently known reside in Quebec

  • The majority of Canadian 2004 models currently reside in Ontario

  • The majority of Canadian 2005 models currently reside in Quebec

  • There are 6-8 known Original owners that still have their car and 5 cars were just sold in 2017 by original owners

  • There are five known write-off vehicles to date

  • There are 23-25 cars that have the Dealer installed Air Conditioning option


2004 Discoveries

  • Cars for the Canadian market were produced BEFORE any USA destined cars were produced.

  • The first US car was produced on January 28, 2004. (per VIN listing provided by Mazda see Links tab)

  • There was an estimated "initial batch" of 50 Canadian cars produced prior to January 28, 2004 with 48 of those cars confirmed to date 

  • The earliest production date known to date is Jan. 14, 2004. There are five confirmed cars so far but there could be additional units. 

  • Floor Mats in the "early" cars are quite different from the majority see link

  • The balance of the Canadian cars for 2004 known to date were produced primarily in February 2004 with about 25 produced in the last week of January 2004 (Note: not including "initial batch")

  • Latest Canadian car produced for the 2004 model year known to date was on Feb 27, 2004 

  • The first currently known MSM sold in the country was to a Quebec City, Quebec resident on March 3, 2004 




2005 Discoveries

  • Almost all of the 2005 Canadian cars were built in the month of December 2004

  • Earliest car build date known is Nov 30, 2004 (there were at least three produced that day)

  • At least three cars were completed the day of the factory fire on Dec 15th

  • At least five of the later cars left the factory without the rear MX-5 and MAZDASPEED badges on the rear deck lid

  • The first known 2005 MSM sold was to a Mascouche, Que. resident  on April 13, 2005

These are the initial "discoveries" I wanted to share to date I am sure there will be more as the data keeps flowing in, thanks for your support.