Buying/Selling a MSM?

Looking to buy or sell a Mazdaspeed Miata?


If you are either buying or selling a MSM there is a wealth of information on this site such as the Mazdaspeed Miata's unique features, current Market Values and actual For Sale listings.



These are rare cars in North America with a total production of just 5,781 over two model years for the entire continent. Car enthusiasts also love to modify the MSM, and often the name "MAZDASPEED" is included in regular Miata ads so you should familiarize yourself with the vehicle’s unique features here




All Registrants can post their MSM for sale on the website free of charge. The website is constantly viewed by enthusiasts throughout the country looking to purchase an MSM.

PrePurchase inspection Mazdaspeed FAQ link on



Market Values

The website provides a price analysis over time on ONLY Mazdaspeed Miatas nationally and internationally. The Registry assembles and publishes that information for owners and potential purchasers to see here before buying.


By reviewing the Market Values section of the site both Buyers and Sellers can get a feel for fair market value of the car they are interested in buying/selling.



Do MSM values differ across Canada?

Yes but not to a large degree, the market values are simply what the next buyer is willing to pay and that figure varies depending on many variables. The price however is affected by demand and location. For example, your car may sell for a higher price in Saskatchewan or the Maritimes because of the limited numbers available. That exact same car will sell for less in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and BC simply because there is more selection.