MSMs in production 

All MSMs were produced at the Mazda Ujina No. 1 Plant in Hiroshima, Japan along with its right hand drive siblings the Mazda Roadster Turbo and MX-5 SE as well as MPV family van, the RX-8, the Demio, and the Verisa.
The production for the North American destined cars began in January 2004 with
an initial batch of 50 cars for the Canadian market. There were at least five MSMs produced on January 14th, 2004, the earliest production date currently known. The balance of this initial batch was completed prior to the USA production start date of January 28, 2004. As previously noted elsewhere the production ceased after the plant fire on December 15, 2004.(Click here to see more)
Body panels are being attached to the pre-welded body platform
in this photo.
The MSM suspension pieces are being attached to the sub frame
in this photo.
A nice shot of the pre-assembled platform showing off the turbo and unique suspension parts ready to be mated to the body.
Body is mated to drive train / suspension.
The assembly of the power plant frame is checked for accuracy
using long jigs.
On goes the top
This is a Black Mica beauty (with yellow protection covers) shown in the pit where unique MSM turbo accessories are assembled separately by hand after assembly.
The final inspections prior to driving off the production line.