Lava Orange # 1





       Current Owners:  

                   Linda & Alan Easton

                   Ontario, Canada


The Lava Orange MSM was available for one year only in 2005 and only in the USA.


The current owner of #1 resides in Ontario, Canada and purchased the car in Jan 2013 with only 52K miles, (currently has approximately 70K miles), it is his second MSM. The car has received a few minor mods over the years, like a Lava Orange roll bar, wheels and lowered 1025".


Naturally, this car is loaded with options including the ultra rare additional cassette player option for the BOSE stereo system.


All LO MSMs were GT models (leather interior, cloth tops) although not designated as such on the  Dealer Window stickers. The leather package included in the LO MSM however differed from a standard GT model as the stitching in all LO MSMs is Silver not Red as in the regular GT models. This is the only MSM to receive these unique seats.

description (see pic of Window Sticker)

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