MSM - the only Factory turbo Miata - setting the record straight

It has been said the Mazdaspeed Miata/Roadster Turbo/MX-5 SE was the only factory turbo produced exclusively by Mazda. Technically that is true, although they were not the only turbo Miatas/MX-5s sold by Mazda dealerships world wide

In 1991 the BBR Turbo version of the MX-5 (and the later Lemans version) could be ordered/purchased through dealerships in the United Kingdom. These vehicles were produced by taking existing MX-5s and contracting out the turbo conversions to a company called Brodie Britain Racing (BBR) prior to delivery.

The Australian market gets a special mention here as they had an altogether different turbo model. In 2002 the MX-5 SP (Special Performance) was a limited production model created exclusively for the Australian market. This model was based on a standard 1.8 MX-5 NB2 that were assembled by Prodrive in Australia in its Melbourne workshop under direction of the Mazda Motorsport Division based in Sydney.

The Mazdaspeed Miata/Roadster Turbo/MX-5 SE however were completely developed and produced by Mazda in the Hiroshima production facility and were not contracted out to a third party.