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Every MSM/RT/SE has a story .... What's yours?

In reviewing the posts made on my website ( in the past year I was able to identify a few interesting cars and their stories. For example, the 2001 Mazdaspeed, The Good-Win Racing LO MSM, the Miataland MSM and the Australian SP stories are but a few in the interesting history of the MSM/RT/SE, but there are many more.

So this year I would like to ask you the MSM/RT/SE owner ....What is your story?

If you are interested in having your story told please provide some background on where/when the car was purchased, what you have done to/with it, where you have travelled with it etc. so we can share in your enjoyment of these unique vehicles. Oh and most importantly pictures, lots o' pictures. Feel free to PM me or email at

I will attempt to publish these stories on a regular basis so we may all enjoy.

Thank you and Happy New Year !!

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