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Rarest Configurations - USA

We all know the Lava Orange MSM was the rarest color in the US but it was not the rarest configuration, so what was?

Obviously the rarest configuration would be in 2005 where only 1428 units were produced due to the well publicized fire at the plant.

The 2005 production figures by color are as follows:

Velocity Red Mica 255**

Titanium Grey Metallic 366**

Lava Orange Mica 394

​​Black Mica 413

​​ Total 1,428 units

**Although the Velocity Red and Titanium Grey figures are less than the Lava Orange there were nearly another 2000 units produced of each color in 2004.

So how do the configuration figures break down?

​Velocity Red Mica 100 with Cloth interiors 155 with Leather interiors

​Titanium Grey Metallic 123 with Cloth interiors 243 with Leather interiors

Lava Orange Mica 0 with Cloth interiors 394 with Leather interiors

​Black Mica 164 with Cloth interiors 249 with Leather interiors

So depending on how you look at the results by colour only, by year only, or by total production you get a different answer.

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