Why a Registry?

The Mazdaspeed Miata or MSM as it is commonly referred to by enthusiasts, recently celebrated it's fifteenth anniversary. Although produced is small numbers the car has enjoyed an enthusiastic following since it's inception. The goal of the Registry is to educate, promote, and help others better understand this car and it's numerous features/qualities.


In the past on line forums allowed owners to compare notes on various features, modifications etc.. The trouble was that, aside from a handful of owners, nobody knew very much about these cars. One of the topics was their production history. 


Later in 2005 Mazda North America published a list of MSM VINs (or Registry if you will) for vehicles sold in the United States which was not reciprocated for the Canadian Market due to legal implications. In the forums on mazda-speed.com there were about five Canadian members that wondered why we didn't have a registry so I volunteered.


I have spent a great deal of time accumulating information on these cars over the past three years, literally one car at a time. Today I have records of over 300 MSMs residing in this country and knowledge of over 75% of the MSMs produced for this market. I have uncovered previously unknown information and shared it on this site.


The Registry is different things to different people so it serves multiple purposes.

Here are some of the benefits to the Registry:


  • Education of vehicle unique specifications for general public and Miata enthusiasts alike

  • Historical information on the model, its variants and individual Canadian cars because "every car has a story"

  • Database of known cars leads to previously unknown facts/discoveries

  • Protection against the inevitable fakes

  • Buyers resource to correctly identify/verify the car and possible modifications

  • For Sale page Registrants can use to advertise their car to dedicated MSM enthusiasts free of charge

  • Current Market values (Snapshot) of both Canadian and US Markets

  • Blog (also published on Facebook) offers interesting facts, tidbits about the cars This blog is shared on over 15 Miata groups across the country.


Every effort has been made to ensure the information presented on this web site is as accurate as possible. Every VIN is verified individually against a Mazda Canada database to determine/confirm information such as build dates,


Most of the history information presented in this Registry has been supplied by owners and enthusiasts who have responded to forum/email requests, taken at face value and compiled. If you spot any inaccuracies please bring it to our attention and we will correct them.


We would appreciate any info you could provide on your own MSM (even if sold) or tips to spotted MSMs. To enter a vehicle into the registry go to Registration Form


Recognized by Mazda Canada